ZG3210-9 Crawler Excavator
ZG3210-9 Crawler Excavator

ZG3065-9(B) Crawler Excavator

3210-9 Hydraulic Excavator Specifications

1. Our hydraulic excavator is equipped with reliable original Cummins engine.
2. The excavator comes with a reliable hydraulic system, with export pumps, motor and valves.
3. The hydraulic excavator is designed with electronic monitoring and control system which has multifunctional LCD display showing information.
4. With a stepped-up device, the hydraulic excavator suits use in mines.
5. Strengthened X-shaped box structure.

Overall Dimension
1 Length (At transportation) 9520mm
2 Width (At transportation) 2800mm
3 Height (At transportation) 3030mm
4 Height (To the top of the cab) 2977mm
5 Chassis Length 4160mm
6 Width of Track Shoe 600mm
7 Wheel Base 3370mm
8 Track Gauge of Crawler 2200mm
9 Min. Ground Clearance 470mm
Main Technical Parameters
1 Operating Weight 20700Kg
2 Rated Standard Bucket Capacity(SAE standard) 0.91m3
4 Max. Digging Force of Bucket/Rod 13700/10200kgf
5 Max. Dump Clearance 6813mm
6 Max. Digging Height 9600mm
7 Max. Vertical Digging Depth 6104mm
8 Max. Digging Depth 6592mm
9 Max. Digging Radius 9953mm
10 Min. Front Fitting Radius 3560mm
11 The Rear Rotary Radius 2800mm
12 Swing Speed 12.4rpm
13 Grounding Pressure 0.47PSI
14 Traveling Speed
(1) 1st gear forward/backward 5.0km/h
(2) 2nd gear forward/backward 3.3km/h
15 Gradeability 35° (70%)
Diesel Engine
1 Model Cummins 6BTAA5.9-C150 (Tier II)
2 Type Direct injection, turbocharged, and air-to-air cooling system.
3 Rated Output 112KW
4 Bore of Cylinder/Stroke 102 /120 mm
5 Displacement of Cylinder 5.883L
6 Starting Voltage of Motor 24V, 70A
7 Power of Alternator 24V, 4.5KW
8 Rated Speed 1950r/min
9 Max. Torque 614(N.M)@1500rpm
10 Starting Type Electric
11 Min. Specific Fuel Consumption 208g/Kw.h
Working Device Hydraulic System
1 Type of Main Pump Axial piston pump with variable displacement
2 Manufacturer of Main Pump Tongmyung (South Korea)
3 Model of Main Pump T5V112DP
4 Displacement of Main Pump 2×108cc/rev
5 Max. Flow Rate 2×211L/min
6 Pressure of Main Relief Valve 31.4Mpa
Step-up: 34.3Mpa
7 Type of Pilot Pump Single stage, fixed displacement gear pump
8 Pressure of Pilot System 3.92Mpa
9 Type of Swing Motor Fixed displacement axial piston motor
10 Pressure of Swing Circuit 24.5Mpa
11 Manufacturer of Main Control Valve Parker(South Korea)
12 (D*L)Dimension of Boom Cylinder Ф125*1220mm
13 (D*L)Dimension of Bucket Arm Cylinder Ф135*1470mm
14 (D*L)Dimension of Bucket Cylinder Ф120*1060mm
Driving System
1 Type of Motor Fixed displacement axial piston motor
2 Pressure of Propel Motor 34.3Mpa
3 Type of Final Reducer Two-stage planetary reduction
4 Max. Traction Force 197KN
Brake System
1 Type of Traveling Brake Auto release, hydraulic control, wet-type multi-plate brake
2 Type of Swing Brake Auto release, hydraulic control, wet type brake
Oil Capacity
1 Fuel(Diesel) 400L
2 Engine Lubricating Oil 24L
3 Coolant 35L
4 Oil for Swing Device 4.2L
5 Oil for Travelling Reducer 2×5.5L
6 Hydraulic Oil 270L

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