ZG3225LC-9 Crawler Excavator
ZG3225LC-9 Crawler Excavator

ZG3225LC-9 Crawler Excavator

ZG3225LC-9 Hydraulic Excavator Specifications

1. The hydraulic excavator is equipped with a reliable original Cummins engine.
2. It has a reliable hydraulic system with export pumps, motor and valves.
3. The hydraulic excavator comes with electronic monitoring and control system with the multifunctional LCD display showing information.
4. With a stepped-up device, the hydraulic excavator is applicable to mines.
5. Strengthened X-shaped box structure.

Overall Dimension
1 Length (At transportation) 9520mm
2 Width (At transportation) 2990mm
3 Height (At transportation) 3030mm
4 Height (To the top of the cab) 2920mm
5 Chassis Length 4440mm
6 Width of Track Shoe 600mm
7 Wheel Base 3650mm
8 Track Gauge of Crawler 2390mm
9 Min. Ground Clearance 470mm
Main Technical Parameters
1 Operating Weight 23000KG
2 Rated Standard Bucket Capacity(SAE standard) 1.1m3
3 Max. Digging Force of Bucket/Rod 13700/10200kgf
4 Max. Dump Clearance 6803mm
5 Max. Digging Height 9665mm
6 Max. Vertical Digging Depth 6107mm
7 Max. Digging Depth 6707mm
8 Max. Digging Radius 9970mm
9 Min. Front Fitting Radius 3560mm
10 The Rear Rotary Radius 2800mm
11 Swing Speed 12.4rpm
12 Grounding Pressure 0.45PSI
13 Traveling Speed
(1) 1st gear forward/backward 5.0km/h
(2) 2nd gear forward/backward 3.3km/h
14 Gradeability 35° (70%)
Diesel Engine
1 Model Cummins 6BTAA5.9-C150 (Tier II)
2 Type Direct injection, turbocharged, and air-to-air cooling system.
3 Rated Output 112KW
4 Bore of Cylinder/Stroke 102 /120mm
5 Displacement of Cylinder 5.883L
6 Starting Voltage of Motor 24V, 70A
7 Power of Alternator 24V, 4.5KW
8 Rated Speed 1950r/min
9 Max. Torque 614(N.M)@1500rpm
10 Starting Type Electric
Working Device Hydraulic System
1 Type of Main Pump Axial piston pump with variable displacement
2 Manufacturer of Main Pump Tongmyung (South Korea)
3 Model of Main Pump K3V112DT
4 Displacement of Main Pump 2×112cc/rev
5 Max. Flow Rate 2×228L/min
6 Pressure of Main Relief Valve 31.4Mpa
Step-up: 34.3Mpa
7 Type of Pilot Pump Single stage, fixed displacement gear pump
8 Pressure of Pilot System 3.92Mpa
9 Type of Swing Motor Fixed displacement axial piston motor
10 Pressure of Swing Circuit 24.5Mpa
11 Manufacturer of Main Control Valve Parker(South Korea)
12 (D*L)Dimension of Boom Cylinder 2-Ф125*1221mm
13 (D*L)Dimension of Arm Cylinder 1-Ф135*1475mm
14 (D*L)Dimension of Bucket Cylinder 1-Ф120*1060mm
Driving System
1 Type of Motor Fixed displacement axial piston motor
2 Pressure of Propel Motor 34.3Mpa
3 Type of Final Reducer Two-stage planetary reduction
4 Max. Traction Force 197KN
Brake System
1 Type of Travelling Brake Auto release, hydraulic control, wet-type multi-plate brake
2 Type of Swing Brake Auto release, hydraulic control, wet type brake
Oil Capacity
1 Fuel (Diesel) 400L
2 Engine Lubricating Oil 24L
3 Coolant 35L
4 Oil for Swing Device 4.2L
5 Oil for Travelling Reducer 2×5.5L
6 Hydraulic Oil 270L
ZG3225LC-9(C)excavator specifications
1 Operating weight 22000kg
2 Standard bucket capacity 1.0m3
3 Arm length 2910mm
4 Boom length 5680mm
1 Model CUMMINS 6BTAA5.9-C150
2 Type Turbo-charged with inter-cooled
3 Power 112KW/1950rpm
4 Max. torque 614N.m at 1500rpm
5 No. of cylinders 6
6 Displacement 5883cc
1 Overall length 9520mm
2 Overall width 2990mm
3 Overall height of boom 3030mm
4 Width of platform 2700mm
5 Overall height of cab 2920mm
6 Ground clearance of counterweight 1050mm
7 Height of engine cover 2320mm
8 Min.ground clearance 470mm
9 Length of platform 2800mm
10 Rear swing radius 2800mm
11 Track wheel base distance 3650mm
12 Chassis length 4440mm
13 Chassis width 2990mm
14 Track gauge 2390mm
15 Standard width of track shoe 600mm
Working Range
1 Max. digging reach 9970mm
2 Max. digging reach at groud level 9812mm
3 Max. digging depth 6707mm
4 Max. digging depth on ground 6523mm
5 Max. vertical wall digging depth 6107mm
6 Max. digging height 9665mm
7 Max. dumping height 6803mm
8 Min.swing radius 3560mm
Hydraulic system
1 Main pump
Type Variable displacement axial piston pump
Max. displacement 2×108cc/rev C TYPE:2×112CC/rev
Working pressure 32.3/34.3Mpa C TYPE:31.7/34Mpa
2 Hydraulic motor
Swing Fixed displacement axial piston motor
Travel Fixed displacement axial piston motor
1 Swing speed 12.4rpm C TYPE:12.0rpm
2 Max. travel speed H/L 5.0/3.3km/h C TYPE:5.1/3.4km/h
3 Gradeability 35°
4 Traction 197498N C TYPE:194556N
5 Max. digging force of bucket 189207kgf
6 Max. digging force of arm 196027kgf
7 Ground pressure 45kpa
Tank capacity
1 Fuel tank capacity 400L
2 Hydraulic tank capacity 210L

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