TTC055G Truck Crane

TTC055G Truck Crane

1. The following table shows the lifting capacities of this TTC055 truck crane on solid ground horizontally. Therein, the actual working radius range after load lifting is listed.

2. With each section fully retracted, the boom of the truck crane is about 11m long while lifting. If its length is beyond the specified values, the lifting equipment with short boom bears more load than that with longer one.

3. The tabulated load includes the weight of hooks. Therein, the main hook weighs 543kg and the auxiliary hook weighs 102kg. While the jib is extended, the rated lifting load capacity of the main boom should be reduced by 1500kg. When the main hook is at the head of main boom, the lifting capacity of the jib has to be reduced by 543kg.

4. When the head pulley is used, the rated lifting capacity at each section must be reduced by 543kg, but the maximum lifting capacity of the truck crane is 4000kg. With the auxiliary hook at the head of pulley at the end of the boom, the main hook is used, and the rated lifting weight of each part of the lifting boom should be reduced by 102kg.

5. If the fifth outrigger works, the truck crane keeps tabulated rated lifting capacity rotating within 360°. If not, its lifting angle is less than 120°.

6. The minimum boom angle of elevation is listed in the table according to different boom length. The boom is not allowed to be elevated at lower angle than the corresponding minimum angle.

Crane Weight
Gross vehicle weight (GVW) 41880kg
Axle Load
Steering axle (axle 1 and 2) 15940kg
Drive axle (axle 3 and 4) 25940kg
Ground Clearance
Minimum ground clearance 280mm
Ramp angle 18°
Approach angle 18°
Departure angle 11.5°
Wheel Base
Distance between axle 1 and 2 1450mm
Distance between axle2 and 3 3950mm
Distance between axle 3 and 4 1350mm
Wheel Track
Axle 1 and 2 2280mm
Axle 3 and 4 2056mm
Outrigger Dimension
Longitudinal span 5.8m
Transverse span 7.2m
Outrigger Forces
Maximum counterforce 525kN
Overall Dimension
(Length × Width × Height) 13.655×2.8×3.62m