CPD35-AC3 Electric Forklift

CPD35-AC3 Electric Forklift Truck

Merit of CPD35-AC3 Electric Forklift
1. Ergonomic cab for increased operator comfort
2. Parking brake design meets ISO3691 standard.
3. Conventional color
4. Battery cover with auto lock spring for easy battery replacement
5. New type advanced AC controller
6. Easy opened counter-weight cover is adopted to protect internal controller from water and dust.
7. Advanced transverse layout driving component
8. Sideway battery changing option enables battery to be replaced easily.
9. Battery with lifting hooks removes the need for equipping a trolley. The battery can be put on ground to save space and cost.
10. Big LED dashboard, fault code shown in English.
11. Large-sized rubber pad

Technical Parameters of CPD35-AC3 Electric Forklift Truck
Product model CPD35-AC3
Power type Electric
Length×Width×Height(mm) 2582×1302×2186
Operating weight(Kg) 5450
Rated capacity(Kg) 3500
Load center(mm) 500
Lift height(mm) 3000
Fork size(mm) 1070×125×50
Turning radius(mm) 2310
Battery voltage(V/AH) 80/500
Battery weight(Kg) 1530
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