CLT160-5 Bulldozer

CLT160-5 Bulldozer

1. CLT160-5 bulldozer is equipped with a new generation of STEYR WD10G178E25 model supercharged diesel engine for high power, low oil consumption and high reliability.
2. It adopts a wet clutch and a F5+R4 mechanical gearshift transmission for high efficiency.
3. Hydraulically controlled steering and braking as well as pilot-operated blade and ripper for high flexibility, safety and reliability
4. Adopting a three-stage air filter for extended engine lifespan and reduced operating costs
5. The renowned brand instrument assembly is imported from a foreign country for high reliability and high-precision visual display.
6. This machine can be optionally installed with numerous devices, such as straight-tilt blade and sanitation type blade etc.

Specifications of CLT160-5 Crawler Dozer
Product model CLT160-5
Length×Width×Height(mm) 5140×3390×3100
Operating weight(Kg) 17000
Diesel engine type WeiChai WD10G 178E25
Rated output(KW) 131
Max. lift above ground(mm) 955
Max. drop below ground(mm) 552
Track width(mm) 510
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