CLQY70K-I Truck Crane

CLQY70K-I Truck Crane

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

1. Innovative boom system features built-in slides, flip-sheave boom head, and a telescopic boom with octagonal cross-section. Excellent lifting performance. Maximum safety and reliability.
2. Patented telescopic boom technology prevents boom breakage or warping of the boom and hydraulic cylinder.
3. Boom truck has 8 patented technologies built in it, ensuring maximum energy savings, efficiency and smooth lifting, slewing and boom reach adjustment operation.
4. Torque limiter comes with a color LCD screen for fault diagnosis, delivering industry-leading accuracy.
5. Large torque hydraulic motor ensures safety during the second lifting cycle.
6. Ergonomic diver cab provides a large space for easy and effortless operation.
7. Six proprietary processing technologies ensure the quality of boom truck.
8. 5-ton counterweight is added to the truck crane.

Technical Specification:
Model CLQY70K-I
Length×Width×Height(mm) 13930×2800×3575
Operating weight (kg) 43000
Diesel engine type WeiChai WD615.338/ WeiChai WP10.375
Rated output (kw) 276/275
Max load moment (KN.m) 2303
Max. total rated lifting capacity (t) 70
Maximum gradeability (%) 40
Max. slewing speed (r/min) 2
Base boom length (m) 11.6
Max. boom reach (m) 44.2