CLQY130K-I Truck Crane

CLQY130K-I Truck Crane

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Truck crane CLQY130K-I is a full-terrain boom truck that integrates the flexibility of boom hoist with the mobility of truck. Superbly rugged 6-section boom features an oval cross section. Telescopic boom retracts and extends freely, and is powered by one single hydraulic cylinder. 3 extra long boom sections are powered separately by a hydraulic cylinder and available with self-elevating features for easy removal and set-up. A specialized 6-axle chassis comes with 12×6 drive and 12×8 power steering. Unique suspension system, typically found in a full-terrain crane, is used to allow a greater amount of wheel up and down movement (up to 100mm). Double leaf spring suspension uses two longitudinal leaf springs to ensure reliable transmission, reduce turning radius, and deliver excellent off-road performance. All these features contribute to a larger load bearing capacity. Maximum boom length: 58m, Maximum Height of Extra Boom: 86m.

Technical Specification:
Model CLQY130K-I
Length×Width×Height(mm) 14980×3000×3990
Operating weight(Kg) 54900
Diesel engine type Up VOLVO TAD720VE/ Down WeiChai WP13.480E30
Rated output(KW) 162/353
Max load Moment(KN.m) 4998
Max. total rated lifting capacity (t)
Maximum gradeability(%) 130
Max. slewing speed(r/min) 1.8
Base boom length(m) 13.1
Maximum lifting range ability(m) 59